Posted by: Jerad File | April 13, 2009

Give Away Winner Selected!!!!

In the interest of assuring a “genuine free offer” I placed each name entry on a slip of paper and mixed them in a bowl. I then allowed my 4 year old daughter to pick one paper from the bowl. I’m pleased to announce that the winner is Bryan Walker from mark12ministries. Thank you to everyone who entered. It has been a fun chance to do something new and attract a lot of new traffic to the blog. Hopefully we have also stirred up an interest in John Gill.



  1. Congratz Bryan! It’s His will that you now have Gill.

  2. Thank you Jerad! It surely was a foreordained conclusion I reckon…(OK bad joke I know). Seriously, I look forward to learning more about Gill, it has been a loonngg time since Baptist History class back in 1986.
    Keep up your good work and studies!

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