Posted by: Jerad File | April 20, 2009

Even Right Doctrine Can Be Dangerous

I’m still working my way through George Ella’s biography of Gill and I stumbled across a quote worth mentioning. This was in Ella’s chapter defending Gill against those who have called him a Hyper-Calvinist. Ella is speaking of how it has been claimed that some of Gill’s doctrines may have lead to Hyper-Calvinism in the hands of lesser men, yet they were safe in the hands of Gill. Ella states, “any gospel truth which can be both a savour of death and a savour of life is ‘perilous’ in the wrong hands. This applies equally to all the Five Points.” This is ought to be no surprise though. Even Peter said that there are things which Paul said that were twisted in a way not consistent with the gospel. This is an important thing to remember both for understanding Gill, and for understanding the Bible. If only partially understood, even right things can be dangerous. I would venture to guess that the danger is present for both regenerate as well as the unregenerate.


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