Posted by: allenmickle | May 30, 2009

Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies 3rd Annual Conference

The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is hosting the 3rd Annual conference devoted to Baptist History. This year the conference is titled, “Baptist Spirituality: Historical Perspectives.” It is being held August 24-25, 2009 on the campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The theme of the 2009 conference is, “Baptist Spirituality:  Historical Perspectives” Featured speakers will include: Crawford Gribben, Michael Haykin , Robert Strivens, Greg Thornbury, Kevin Smith, Tom Nettles, Greg Wills, Gerald Priest, Jason Lee, and Malcolm Yarnell. Other established Baptist History scholars, as well as several Ph.D. students will be presenting papers on the conference theme during the parallel sessions.

Make sure you come to hear me present my paper on John Gill,

“A Fountain of Gardens, A Well of Living Waters”: A Survey of Christian Spirituality from John Gill’s (1697-1771) Exposition of the Book of Solomon’s Song.

To Register for this excellent conference, see here.



  1. Dear Sir,
    I’m confused. How is it that a person can take seriously both Andrew Fuller, and Dr. Gill? For more clarity, can you explain whether the SBC has embraced Fuller’s duty faith theology or have they been lead to expose it? How can both be considered legitimate considering they were polar opposites on the essentials of our faith?

    • Brother,

      Sorry for the delay in answering. There would be both those who would hold to duty faith and those who would not in the SBC. Both men preached to the unconverted, IMHO, and while there would be differences on their understandings of things, I believe they were both orthodox. But of course you miss the point, my paper was on Gill’s theology of prayer. It didn’t have anything to do with this discussion. And the conference is named after the Andrew Fuller Center. I believe both men were completely evangelical although disagreeing therefore we can appreciate things about both. The conference though is for academic studies in Baptist history/theology. So, a conference called “Andrew Fuller” really does not mean we cannot talk about Gill.

      Hope that clarifies.

      Allen Mickle

  2. I would add that Gill and Fuller were far from opposites. Rather, they held differently nuanced positions regarding Calvinism though even Fuller states in his writings that he affirms all 5 points. These nuances may cause us to squable with internal debates, but those looking on from the outside can’t tell there’s any difference at all.

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